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Coolcumber (200 Grams)

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Enjoy the crunchy texture and hydrating benefits of fresh Dark Green Cucumbers, a versatile vegetable that can elevate a variety of dishes. Known for their deep green color and refreshing taste, Dark Green Cucumbers are a nutritious staple in many cuisines.

Nutrition Value (Per 100g):

Calories: 16
Vitamin C: 4% of daily value
Vitamin K: 21% of daily value
Fiber: 0.7g


Cucumber Mint Raita: Combine diced dark green cucumbers with yogurt, fresh mint, and a pinch of cumin for a cooling raita that complements spicy Indian dishes.

Cucumber Kachumber: Mix sliced dark green cucumbers with tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, and chaat masala for a refreshing and tangy salad.

Stuffed Cucumber Rolls: Hollow out slices of dark green cucumber and fill them with a mixture of paneer, spices, and herbs for a fun and healthy appetizer.

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Coolcumber (200 Grams)

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