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Hydroponically Grown Chemical Free Dill (250g)

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Explore the aromatic essence of our Fresh Dill, a versatile herb that adds a delightful touch to traditional Indian cuisine. Known for its refreshing flavor with hints of citrus and anise, Dill is a perfect companion to elevate your culinary creations. At Lemon Chillii Farms, we pride ourselves on cultivating Dill naturally, ensuring it's free from chemicals and residues, so you can enjoy its pure, unadulterated taste.

Nutrition Value (Per 100g):

Calories: 43
Fiber: 2.1 g
Vitamin C: 85 mg
Iron: 6.7 mg
Calcium: 208 mg

Dill Pulao: Infuse basmati rice with Dill for a fragrant and flavorful pulao, perfect for pairing with curries or enjoying on its own.

Dill Potato Curry (Suva Aloo): Create a comforting potato curry with Dill, tomatoes, and traditional Indian spices, served hot with roti or rice.

Dill Raita: Prepare a cooling yogurt-based Dill raita with grated cucumber, mint, and a dash of cumin, ideal as a side dish or accompaniment to spicy meals.

Experience the freshness and versatility of our Chemical and Residue Free Dill, crafted to enhance your Indian culinary journey. From savory dishes to refreshing accompaniments, Dill from Lemon Chillii Farms promises to enrich every bite with its distinct aroma and flavor. Connect with us to discover more about our farm-fresh herbs and elevate your cooking to new heights.

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