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Introducing our Baby Basket, carefully curated with a delightful assortment of fresh and tender produce delivered right to your doorstep.

Baby Basket

Experience the convenience of our Baby Basket, featuring a variety of petite and flavorful vegetables. This curated selection includes:

- Baby Beetroot (100g to 150g), prized for its sweet and earthy taste.
- Baby Carrot (100g), offering crisp texture and natural sweetness.
- Oh-so-cutecumbers (200g), a miniature variety bursting with flavor.
- Baby Spinach (100g), tender leaves packed with nutrients.
- Baby Beet Greens (100g), providing a mild, leafy green addition to your meals.

Whether you're preparing a colorful salad, a wholesome side dish, or exploring creative culinary ventures, our Baby Basket ensures you have the freshest ingredients at your fingertips.

Unlock the culinary potential of our Baby Basket by incorporating these fresh vegetables into your favorite recipes. From salads to stir-fries, each ingredient promises to enhance your dishes with its vibrant flavors and nutritional benefits.

Keep vegetables refrigerated to maintain their crispness and flavor. With our Baby Basket, enjoy the convenience of premium-quality produce delivered directly to you, ensuring every meal is a celebration of freshness and taste.

Discover the joy of cooking with Lemon Chillii Farms' Baby Basket, where freshness meets flavor in every bite!


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